We have always seen God through the beauty of creation. In the quiet stillness of the morning, the softness of falling snow, and the radiance of a spring day, God speaks to us. It is from the rhythm of the seasons that we have received our own liturgical seasons. Through the beauty of both the natural and liturgical seasons, we are guided closer to God and His design for our lives. Drawing inspiration from both calendars, J.LILY’s Seasons Collection has been thoughtfully designed to bring the glory and wisdom of the seasons into our daily lives.

    Seasons - Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament Candle


    When you can't get to Adoration, light this candle to remind yourself of the beauty of the Blessed Sacrament, especially when exposed in Adoration. It's a simple yet elegant way to enter into prayer in the comfort of your home.

    The traditi...

    Seasons - Advent Candles – Set of 4


    The prayerful, meditative season of Advent is often lost in the bustle of preparing for Christmas. This set of four scented candles reminds you to enter more deeply into the season, and helps you do just that. Each candle features unique and serene ...

    Seasons - Easter Paschal Candle


    Bring home the tradition of the pascal candle with this white glass candle which has the same traditional symbolism as the Paschal candle in your parish. Since every family is its own Domestic Church, you can incorporate the liturgical season into da...

    Seasons - Lenten Candles Tradition – Set of 6


    This set of six charming scented candles provides a beautiful way to participate in the Lenten Candle Liturgy.  Place the candles on your table at mealtime. As you pray your blessing, light the candles corresponding to the current week (refer t...

    Seasons - Thanksgiving Bless Us O Lord Candle


    Decorate with a festive and faithful scented candle during fall and winter holidays. This simple but elegant white candle in a glass jar features a charming Thanksgiving design - pumpkins, gourds and other foliage. The words of the classic Catholic M...