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Our Collections

Do you need a gift for a specific person, sentiment, or occasion? Browse our Collections to find the perfect one.

The Beatitudes


“He began to teach them saying: ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit…’” Thus begins the Sermon on the Mount, beautifully summed up by the Eight Beatitudes. With each of Christ’s exhortations featured on a candle in The Beatitudes collection, they will encourage you to constantly pray for the strength to live the Beatitudes.

The Mysteries


Our mission at J.Lily is to help people pray better. And we haven’t found a more powerful prayer than the rosary, especially when we pray it every day. Too often, though, the busyness of life gets in the way. So we created our Mysteries collection as a beautiful reminder to help you pray your daily rosary.

The Quotes


The timeless wisdom of spiritual giants such as Mother Teresa and Padre Pio, emblazoned on this collection of The Quotes candles, will inspire and encourage you to model your life after their holy example.

The Sacraments


Reception of the sacraments mark important milestones in the life of a Catholic. They serve as beautiful reminders of Christ’s abiding love for us, for He continues to make His grace available to us through the sacraments that He instituted. Personalize these candles to create a unique, special gift for a loved one.

The Saints


The saints give us an assembly of witnesses, role models, and friends to guide us through the trials and joys of life. Decorating your home with these candles reminds you to ask for their intercession, and follow the trail of holiness that they courageously blazed.

The Symbols


Our Catholic Faith provides countless time-honored insignia, from ancient symbols of Christ, to the powerful St. Benedict Medal, to the Miraculous Medal of Our loving Mother Mary. Select one that best symbolizes your love for our faith, proudly emblazoned on an elegant scented candle.

The Types


As you begin your daily prayer, light a candle to create a serene and peaceful atmosphere to reverently lift your heart and soul to God. The four types of prayer, adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and supplication, serve to deepen your relationship with and love for Our Blessed Lord.

The Verses


In times when you need comfort, healing, hope, the inspired words of Scripture are always there for you to turn to. Let the word of God, spoken through His prophets and Gospel writers, encourage you whenever you light a candle from our Verses collection.

The Virtues


Strengthen yourself and those in your home against distraction and temptation with our Virtues collection. With a design for each of the Theological and Cardinal virtues, you’ll find a look that exemplifies the particular spiritual strength for which you are striving.