Seasons - Lenten Candles Tradition – Set of 6

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Burn Time Includes instructional card
Wax 11oz white glass candles
Wick Eco-cotton
Vessel Measures 3.5" (H) x 3.25" (D), 3.5" (H) x 3.25" (D)
This set of six charming scented candles provides a beautiful way to participate in the Lenten Candle Liturgy.  Place the candles on your table at mealtime. As you pray your blessing, light the candles corresponding to the current week (refer to the instructional card).

By Good Friday, each candle will have been lit, so eat your meal without them, in darkness, recalling Christ's Sorrowful Passion. On Easter Sunday, celebrate the Resurrection of Christ by lighting all of your candles. 

Each candle features a design to commemorate the Gospel readings for that Sunday, making this an immersive tradition that helps you focus on prayer and meditation this Lent, enter into the season with thoughtful reverence, and obseve it as a family together, anticipating Christ's victory at Easter.

With a clean, fresh aroma inspired by quiet serenity and the beauty of nature that brings invigorating notes of lemon and lime, clean jasmine and cotton blossom, and subtle musk and wood into your sacred spaces, these candles are a beautiful aid to prayer and meditation during the sacred season

© Copyright 2024 Trinity Road LLC/J. Lily
  • Set of 6 white candles with Lenten imagery
  • Mark the passage of the Lenten season
  • Grace scent
  • Beautiful Catholic Lenten tradition for families
  • Designed and produced exclusively by The Catholic Company

© Copyright 2024 Trinity Road LLC/J.Lily

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