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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the candles blessed?

Our candles are not blessed, but you are absolutely welcome to have them blessed by a deacon, priest, or bishop. Don’t forget to personalize it to make it a truly unique home accent!

Do your candles use soy wax?

Yes! Our candle vendor has developed a soy blend wax that has all the benefits of soy wax with the great scent throw of paraffin wax.

What kind of wicks do you use?

We use cotton wicks in all our candles.

What is the burn time for the candles?

Each of our 11oz soy wax candles burns for approximately 90 hours.

What scents are available for your candles?

We offer four alluring scent options for our candles: Benediction, Mary’s Garden, Midnight Mass, and Roman Cathedral.

Benediction: The beauty and sweetness of kneeling before Our Lord in adoration is beautifully captured in our Benediction scent, which features comforting notes of amber, clove, and orange. The perfect aroma for creating a prayerful atmosphere and beautifying your home.

Mary’s Garden: Bright floral notes of peony make Mary’s Garden scent a beautiful aroma, evocative of a fresh bouquet of flowers picked by a loving mother. When praying the Rosary or feeling in need of Our Lady’s comfort, burning this scent helps reassure you that she is always near.

Midnight Mass: Regardless of the time or season, our Midnight Mass scent evokes memories of the quiet, comforting darkness in which Christ was born into the world. With notes of eucalyptus, red rose, and undertones of woodsy spice, Midnight Mass provides a distinguished aroma that will elevate any prayer or living space.

Grace: Reminiscent of quiet serenity and the beauty of nature, our Grace scent offers invigorating notes of lemon and lime, elevated by clean jasmine and cotton blossom, and gently enhanced by musk and wood. Compliment your home and heighten your prayer as the freshness of God’s grace envelops and restores you.