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About Us

Jesus Lord I Love You

St. Paul tells us to “Pray without ceasing (1 Thess 5:17).” It sounds great! But the more you think about it…it starts to sound impossible. How can you always be praying? What about when you’re cleaning the house? Or paying bills?

How about when you’re just exhausted?

How about when you desperately want to retreat into the quiet refuge of prayer, but are too anxious with the cares of the world to truly lift your heart and soul to God?

Sure, we’d all love to pray without ceasing…but how?

We were struggling to overcome our own worries and perpetually hectic schedules to pray better and more frequently.

And one thought kept coming to mind: The rack of prayer candles at church.

Those candles flickering in the corner of the church are more than just candles, they’re our burning desires, our earnest prayers wafting up to heaven. Each one represents a specific intention, and when all burning together they create a warm glow that invites us into prayerful union with Our Lord.

What a perfect place for prayer!

So, we set out to bring that experience of warmth and light into our own homes. Our hope is that these beautiful candles, which provide a peaceful atmosphere that enhances your ability to pray, will elevate not only the spaces in your home and office, but your soul as well.

No matter what your prayer, you can never go wrong telling Jesus you love Him. That’s why we think Jesus Lord I Love You is the perfect prayer for every moment. We inscribe it on each of our candles to help you devote even the smallest moments to prayer.

Once we created beautiful candles, and found a prayer that we could repeat at all times, it became easier to transform every moment into a prayer! 

It’s working for us, and we hope it will work for you!


When you say our name, you say a prayer. Pray without ceasing using our hashtag.